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Do we supply hooks?
Yes. We supply hanging kits for individual needs and requirements on our accessories page. Conventional cup hooks may be used on timber ceilings and we recommend spring toggle hooks on plaster ceilings.  We do not recommend adhesive hooks.

Do the nets come with instructions?
Yes our box nets and canopies have instructions however our other products do not as they are self explanatory. If further information or help is required please contact us.

Does the cotton netting come in different colours?
White netting only. The netting is made from 100% cotton and dyes easily. Use warm water only as hot water will shrink the netting.

What is the cotton netting made of?
Our netting is made from 100% washed cotton with a run-proof weave.

How do I clean my cotton net?
Due to their strength and resilience, our nets may be machine washed on a delicate cycle using cold water and a mild detergent. They can also be hand washed or dry cleaned. DO NOT tumble dry.

Does the netting come without the chequered pattern?
No. The chequered pattern of our netting is due to the run-proof weave and a feature of the quality manufacturing process. There are other cotton nettings available but we have found them to be inferior.

Do our Mosquito Nets and canopies come with a warranty?
Yes. All products carry a one year limited warranty.

Can I order by phone?
Yes. Simply call us on 02-5620 5905. We welcome your enquiry.

Box Mosquito Nets

Do I have to use a frame?
No. Our mosquito net bed canopies are so versatile that you do not have to use a frame, you can simply attach by cords to ceiling hooks. We have found that the use of a frame whether it is bamboo, steel or timber adds to the presentation and visual impact of your display.

Will a Mosquito Net canopy fit my Four Poster Bed?
YES. When choosing your canopy we suggest that you measure the top frame of your poster bed and then select the size you need. If there is not an exact match then select the next size up as any excess fabric can be gathered into the corners. It can be attached in a variety of ways depending upon the type of four poster bed you have. Instructions are provided with the canopy, or contact us for more detailed information.

Is bamboo heavy?
No. A set of cured bamboo poles weighs only 4 kilograms.

What dimensions do I need for a timber or bamboo frame?

The dimensions below allow the poles to overlap and "cross" in an attractive manner. We have found that using a diameter that ranges from 3-6 cm to be the best.

  • Single: 2 @230cm and 2 @ 140cm
  • Double: 2 @230cm and 2 @ 180cm
  • Queen: 2 @240cm and 2 @ 200cm
  • King: 2 @250cm and 2 @ 230cm
  • Complete the frame by tying the overlapping poles together with leather, cord, rope or string


Where can I purchase a bamboo frame?

Bamboo Australia can supply 4 lengths of bamboo for around $25.00 to Australian customers excluding delivery. Contact them via their website or email or phone 07 5447 0299

What is the curtain rod frame?
A MosquitoNets innovation is the provision of a sleeve in the ceiling of each box net canopy. This sleeve allows the use of curtain rod, and corner brackets to create a frame that is hidden in the canopy ceiling.

Is the curtain rod frame heavy?
No. The hidden frame is made from powder coated steel and is supplied with corner brackets and weighs 1 kilogram.


Where can I get a curtain rod frame?
We supply frames and they are listed in the Accessories category. There are 2 ways to make a frame with 16mm curtain rod which is available at most curtain product outlets. The first option is to use telescopic adjustable spring tension curtain rods and adjusting to the correct lengths and purchasing 4 x 20mm electrical conduit elbows. The second option is to cut curtain rod to the following dimensions:

  • Single: 2 @206cm and 2 @106cm
  • Double: 2 @206cm and 2 @144cm
  • Queen: 2 @212cm and 2 @164cm
  • King: 2 @220cm and 2 @190cm
  • Corner or right angle brackets for curtain rod can be obtained from curtain product outlets.

You can view details on How to make your own curtain rod frame at


Round Cotton Mosquito Nets

Do you have round cotton mosquito nets in all sizes?
Yes, we have cotton mosquito nets available in King/ Queen and Double /Single sizes. 

Does the Classic come in king size?
Yes. It is available in one size which fits double, queen, king size beds, divans and daybeds. 

Does the Classic come with a frame?
Yes. These canopies are supplied with a strong fibreglass rod frame.

Does the Temple come with a frame?
Yes. These canopies are supplied with a strong PVC frame and 4 elbow brackets that is hidden in the ceiling of the net.

Do you have a cotton net for cots?
We have not made a net specifically for a cot however we recommend using the  Single/Double Classic or the polyester Cot net.


Silk Bed Canopies

How do I care for my Silk?

Silk fibres are very durable, stronger than other natural fibres. Silk will lose strength temporarily when it becomes wet and for this reason care is required. We recommend you dry clean your silk canopy using(P 30) Keep silk out of direct sunlight to avoid discoloration as silk reacts and darkens when in direct sunlight. Do not bleach. Cool iron using silk setting. With proper care silk will retain its elegant looks for years


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