World Health LLIN Mosquito Nets

World Health LLIN Mosquito Nets

LLIN....Long Lasting Insecticide Nets made to World Health Standards.

Mosquito nets coated with an insecticide, in a special treatment process that ensures the nets retain their effectiveness for several years and multiple washes!

Treated mosquito nets are an effective way to protect entire families. In third world countries you never get just one or two people sleeping under a get entire families, someone is always on the outside lying against the netting and that is when they can be bitten and infected by a mosquito.

The W.H.O., World Aid Organizations and Charities know that every mosquito net protects more than one person, it protects a family, and that treated mosquito nets are a fantastic investment in the health and welfare of the poorest people on the planet.

We supply Public Health Mosquito Nets for small groups and charities and offer substantial discounts on larger volume orders.

Please contact us with your specific requirements. Please note our World Health nets are designed and sized for "Third World" situations and are not suitable for conventional beds and bedrooms. Please check listed dimensions before purchasing for domestic use.

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