Mosquito Netting

Mosquito Netting

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Premium Mosquito Netting for Sale by the Metre

Discover - Your Source for Quality Mosquito Netting

Welcome to our exclusive range of Mosquito Netting where we empower you to tailor protection to your unique needs. At, we specialize in offering versatile solutions to safeguard your spaces against unwanted insects. Explore our collection of cotton and polyester mosquito netting, available in a variety of lengths to accommodate your requirements.

Unparalleled Fabric Choices

Indulge in a selection of cotton mosquito netting with a run-proof weave, and sheer polyester mosquito netting. Our 100% cotton netting boasts a warm white hue, while the polyester variation exudes a bright white charm. The versatility of our offerings ensures you can choose the fabric that perfectly aligns with your aesthetic preferences. Both netting's have 256 holes per square inch protecting you from most annoying insects.

Flexible Length Options

Our mosquito netting is available in 5, 10, 20, or 50 metre lengths, giving you the flexibility to customize your protection according to the size of your space. Whether it's a small nook or a larger area, our netting offers the perfect solution.

Precise Width for Optimal Coverage

Our cotton netting comes with a width of 165cm, while the polyester netting boasts a width of 190cm.

Interior Brilliance Only

Please note that our mosquito netting is not suitable for exterior use. It lacks UV treatment and weather resistance, making it ideal solely for interior spaces.

Craft Your Space with Quality Protection - Explore Mosquito Netting by the Metre today.